This house located in Gandía (Valencia) came from an inheritance and the new owners decided to acquire it as an investment for rent. It was what we usually call a Granny’s apartment and that is why they chose to adapt it for the new use, gaining functionality, commercial appeal and quality of life for its future tenants. The result is a house full of light and warmth that has increased in value by 30% compared to the price it had before relooking with MIMA Home Studio and have found new renters in less than 1 MONTH.


This vacation rental home had not been renovated for some time. The owners, thinking about how to optimize their profitability and accessing a higher segment of possible tenants, decided to update it by renewing its general image on budget. The result is a serene and attractive house for the holiday tenants that has managed to place the house among the most rented ones in the area since it has increased 70% in the number of Internet visits and 50% its demand for occupation to the one it had before relooking with MIMA Home Studio.