Home Staging, the method that changes everything

Home Staging is a decoration technique that was born in the United States in the mid-70s by the hand of Barb Schwarz, creating a new added value to her service as a real estate agent. Currently, half of the homes that are put up for sale in the US are subject to a Home Staging intervention.

According to Barb, most home visits fail because buyers can’t imagine living in a house that is full of junk, is damp, is a bit dirty, or has somewhat off-the-wall color combinations. With a proper preparation, the negative aspects that remain reasons to enter it and make it your home are eliminated.

We know that choosing a house is a decision process that mixes a rational part and a lot of the emotional. And that’s Home Staging purpose, a marketing technique based on creating interiors with a high power of attraction towards faster and more profitable sales or rentals.

In Spain is still a technique to be discovered, although it is becoming increasingly recognized by Real Estate professionals. Since 2013, companies that provide these services have proliferated, giving rise to the Asociación Home Staging de España (AHSE) through which its members share experiences and knowledge of the sector.

For housing, the main benefits of a relooking intervention are:

  • Reach a greater number of visits to the homes in the market
  • Get higher offers in case of rentals
  • Avoid haggling in starting prices for sales
  • Reduce time to market, speed up the operation
  • Better branding positioning of the Real Estate company providing new added value

Real Estate impact statistics

If you want to know more information about how Home Staging impacts the real estate market, we invite you to visit our Statistics section.

Source: Asociación Home Staging de España – Estadísticas 2018