Partners and customers

A very important part of our working outcomes count on fully trusted collaborators. The professionals who carry out our reforms understand the importance of fullfilling deadlines and completing their part of the project with the expected quality. They are artisans, designers, painters, masons, electricians, plumbers and cleaning personnel with whom we share enthusiasm and risk, as usual among entrepreneurs.

As for our suppliers, we usually go to both large companies and small businesses respecting budget issues and delivery times that each project means. And of course, we also dedicate a large part of our time to inspire ourselves and capture new trends in decoration and interior design through the internet and specialized Home Staging forums.

At MIMA Home Studio we work primarily with real estate agencies, investors and individuals.

The good result of our projects has come to connect us with many of them through word of mouth and that reinforces our responsibility towards continuous improvement and innovation. For us, each home is unique and getting the best out of it focuses all our effort.