We work in all types of houses, whether they are empty or furnished, for vacation or annual rental, habited or not. At MIMA Home Studio we visit your property and propose a plan to get the most out of it depending on your objective and budget. Whatever the status is.

Each home has its own relooking needs, but as a guide these are the 3 main levels:

Basic Home SHOPPER

For on line assesment and style proposal of every space.

Intermediate Project

For cases where a more detailed review.

Integral Project

For homes that require to renew totally through a interior design and reformation project.

What does include

From MIMA Home Studio our goal is to trust us and that don’t worry about everything your home needs to get it ready. Among others, we tackle the following works:

  • Interior design of all rooms, terraces included
  • Reformation and conservation works: painting and other remodeling works
  • Emptying of stuff, fixtures, purchase and installation of new furniture, lighting and decoration
  • Analysis and screening of household goods and textiles
  • Purchase and installation of new appliances in case they are damaged
  • Preparation of a photographic dossier in digital format
  • Final project report

What is the delivery time

After a first face-to-face visit, we carry out a study of the property offering a personalized proposal of both the work and the level of service we recommend as well as a detailed budget. And once approved by you, we promise that the house is ready in less than 4/8 weeks.

Our prices and rates

For the project it is important that we count on market costs and that give transparency to you as client. We look for the best prices according to your budget and ensure that our intervention pays off.

That is why MIMA Home Studio rates have a cost that we adapt to the size of the home and the level of service to be performed.