Who we are

We are two siblings, entrepreneurs and founders of MIMA Home Studio, a creative and innovative family project in the Real Estate sector.

We combine our usual jobs in Corporate Innovation and Visual Merchandising with this new facet in our lives dedicated to pampering homes and renewing their value in the market. After many vacations, Christmas and moments of crisis in which we asked ourselves why not to launch this project a thousand times, it was in 2019 when we decided to make it happen.

Since then, each project is a blank page that we approach with all our enthusiasm and effort. Also with a clear objective and that is to transform the trust placed in MIMA Home Studio to meet expectations and create a wow effect in each home.

If you are interested in telling us about your project, we invite you to please contact us. We will be more than happy to help you rent or sell your house sooner and better.

Our logo: the monkey from MIMA Home Studio

The monkey is an animal that, despite what many believe, is surrounded by positive characteristics.

And it is that in many cultures it is related to originality, the ability to excel, firmness and tireless energy. Monkey symbolism also recognizes that play and entertainment are good for the soul and in history it has been a great example of natural evolution till today.

We both loved the symbolism and that is why it is part of our image. Because the evolution of any house is always possible with effort, fun and creativity.