Home Staging, the method that changes everything

Home Staging is a decoration technique that was born in the United States in the mid-70s by the hand of Barb Schwarz, creating a new added value to her service as a real estate agent. Currently, half of the homes that are put up for sale in the US are subject to a Home Staging intervention.

According to Barb, most home visits fail because buyers can’t imagine living in a house that is full of junk, is damp, is a bit dirty, or has somewhat off-the-wall color combinations. With a proper preparation, the negative aspects that remain reasons to enter it and make it your home are eliminated.

We know that choosing a house is a decision process that mixes a rational part and a lot of the emotional. And that’s Home Staging purpose, a marketing technique based on creating interiors with a high power of attraction towards faster and more profitable sales or rentals.

In Spain is still a technique to be discovered, although it is becoming increasingly recognized by Real Estate professionals. Since 2013, companies that provide these services have proliferated, giving rise to the Asociación Home Staging de España (AHSE) through which its members share experiences and knowledge of the sector.

For housing, the main benefits of a relooking intervention are:

  • Reach a greater number of visits to the homes in the market
  • Get higher offers in case of rentals
  • Avoid haggling in starting prices for sales
  • Reduce time to market, speed up the operation
  • Better branding positioning of the Real Estate company providing new added value

Real Estate impact statistics

If you want to know more information about how Home Staging impacts the real estate market, we invite you to visit our Statistics section.

Source: Asociación Home Staging de España – Estadísticas 2018

We work in all types of houses, whether they are empty or furnished, for vacation or annual rental, habited or not. At MIMA Home Studio we visit your property and propose a plan to get the most out of it depending on your objective and budget. Whatever the status is.

Each home has its own relooking needs, but as a guide these are the 3 main levels:

Basic Home SHOPPER

For on line assesment and style proposal of every space.

Intermediate Project

For cases where a more detailed review.

Integral Project

For homes that require to renew totally through a interior design and reformation project.

What does include

From MIMA Home Studio our goal is to trust us and that don’t worry about everything your home needs to get it ready. Among others, we tackle the following works:

  • Interior design of all rooms, terraces included
  • Reformation and conservation works: painting and other remodeling works
  • Emptying of stuff, fixtures, purchase and installation of new furniture, lighting and decoration
  • Analysis and screening of household goods and textiles
  • Purchase and installation of new appliances in case they are damaged
  • Preparation of a photographic dossier in digital format
  • Final project report

What is the delivery time

After a first face-to-face visit, we carry out a study of the property offering a personalized proposal of both the work and the level of service we recommend as well as a detailed budget. And once approved by you, we promise that the house is ready in less than 4/8 weeks.

Our prices and rates

For the project it is important that we count on market costs and that give transparency to you as client. We look for the best prices according to your budget and ensure that our intervention pays off.

That is why MIMA Home Studio rates have a cost that we adapt to the size of the home and the level of service to be performed.

Who we are

We are two siblings, entrepreneurs and founders of MIMA Home Studio, a creative and innovative family project in the Real Estate sector.

We combine our usual jobs in Corporate Innovation and Visual Merchandising with this new facet in our lives dedicated to pampering homes and renewing their value in the market. After many vacations, Christmas and moments of crisis in which we asked ourselves why not to launch this project a thousand times, it was in 2019 when we decided to make it happen.

Since then, each project is a blank page that we approach with all our enthusiasm and effort. Also with a clear objective and that is to transform the trust placed in MIMA Home Studio to meet expectations and create a wow effect in each home.

If you are interested in telling us about your project, we invite you to please contact us. We will be more than happy to help you rent or sell your house sooner and better.

Our logo: the monkey from MIMA Home Studio

The monkey is an animal that, despite what many believe, is surrounded by positive characteristics.

And it is that in many cultures it is related to originality, the ability to excel, firmness and tireless energy. Monkey symbolism also recognizes that play and entertainment are good for the soul and in history it has been a great example of natural evolution till today.

We both loved the symbolism and that is why it is part of our image. Because the evolution of any house is always possible with effort, fun and creativity.


This house located in Gandía (Valencia) came from an inheritance and the new owners decided to acquire it as an investment for rent. It was what we usually call a Granny’s apartment and that is why they chose to adapt it for the new use, gaining functionality, commercial appeal and quality of life for its future tenants. The result is a house full of light and warmth that has increased in value by 30% compared to the price it had before relooking with MIMA Home Studio and have found new renters in less than 1 MONTH.


This vacation rental home had not been renovated for some time. The owners, thinking about how to optimize their profitability and accessing a higher segment of possible tenants, decided to update it by renewing its general image on budget. The result is a serene and attractive house for the holiday tenants that has managed to place the house among the most rented ones in the area since it has increased 70% in the number of Internet visits and 50% its demand for occupation to the one it had before relooking with MIMA Home Studio.

Partners and customers

A very important part of our working outcomes count on fully trusted collaborators. The professionals who carry out our reforms understand the importance of fullfilling deadlines and completing their part of the project with the expected quality. They are artisans, designers, painters, masons, electricians, plumbers and cleaning personnel with whom we share enthusiasm and risk, as usual among entrepreneurs.

As for our suppliers, we usually go to both large companies and small businesses respecting budget issues and delivery times that each project means. And of course, we also dedicate a large part of our time to inspire ourselves and capture new trends in decoration and interior design through the internet and specialized Home Staging forums.

At MIMA Home Studio we work primarily with real estate agencies, investors and individuals.

The good result of our projects has come to connect us with many of them through word of mouth and that reinforces our responsibility towards continuous improvement and innovation. For us, each home is unique and getting the best out of it focuses all our effort.